Thame Health Campus
Potential transport improvements in the vicinity of the Health Campus


It is envisaged that vehicular access to the Health Campus would be provided via a new priority ‘give-way’ junction off Howland Road, including a right-turn lane so as not to impede the ‘free flow’ of through traffic. This access would also provide entrances to the facility for pedestrians and cyclists.


To provide suitable connections for walking and cycling between the Health Campus and the rest of Thame, a number of off-site measures are envisaged.

These could include a shared foot / cycle path down the eastern side of Howland Road and a toucan crossing across to Towersey Road, which has only light traffic and is suitable for walking and cycling. A footway could also be provided up to the roundabout, and a refuge island installed to provide a safe crossing west onto Kingsey Road.


The site is well-connected to the rest of Thame by public transport, and improvements could be made by increasing the frequency of existing bus services, such as the Sapphire 280 service, and the provision of additional bus stops next to the Campus on Howland Road.

Connections could also be improved between the Campus and Haddenham & Thame Parkway railway station.